Friday, December 30, 2011


Finally, my favorite, Tigger.
Again, I was not able to find a tutorial for Tigger so I winged it.  I hope this helps anyone else out there searching for some guidance like I was.

For Tigger I used orange fondant mixed with gumpaste for his body. A mixture of yellow fondant  and gumpaste for his light yellow tummy and black fondant for everything else.

I made a fat , stubby carrot shape out of a large ball of orange for his body . Insert a skewer through the top of the body to attach the head later.

Then I made his legs the same way I did on all the other figurines. Slightly pinching up some fat little feet at one end of the rope and cutting the other end at an angle to attach to the body. Make 2.

Attach legs to the body with gum glue.

I rolled an elongated egg shape out of the yellow fondant and gum glued that to Tigger's tummy.

Next were the arms. I made these the same way I made the legs except do not pinch the ends for feet. Leave ends rounded for his paws and make them a bit longer than the legs.

Attach to the body with gum glue.
Roll out some black fondant quite thin, then cut in very thin strips. Trim edges to points and gum glue to the sides of his body , arms and legs.

Next I made his tail out of a rope of orange fondant. It is rounded at one end with a ball of black for the tip and attach more stripes.

Time for Tiggers head.
I took a large ball of orange fondant, rolled it into an oval and then with my thumb flattened a ledge ( yeah, that almost makes sense...uuughh, I don't know how to describe this step, hopefully the picture give you a better idea )

Then I rolled out some yellow and with my Exacto knife cut this shape. No idea what to call it, but it should be the same length and width of his head.

 Flatten and smooth to his head as I have in the picture below. Make sure it extends all the way down the sides of his nose.

With the handle of any of the fondant tools make a deep indent in the front of Tiggers head. This will  be his mouth. Below is a side view of this step. My index finger are where his eyes will be.

Roll a small ball of pink fondant for his nose and attach with gum glue. Also, add some stripes to the sides of his face.

Roll 2 small orange fondant balls. Using the small ball tool make indents and pinch 1 end to form a tear drop shape.

Place 2 really small balls of yellow fondant in the indents of his ears and press flat to smooth.
Roll 2 very small balls of black fondant for eyes and attach with gum glue.
Roll a very thin black fondant rope and cut into 2 tiny little pieces to form his eyebrows.

Finally attach his head to his body by placing on the skewer.

T-I-double "guh" -errrr, that spells Tigger!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I searched high and low for a tutorial on Eeyore to no avail so, here is my version.  I am pleased with it for my 1st time but next time I will either make his nose shorter or his body a bit taller.

I made his body out of a fondant /gumpaste mixture of purple and little bit of black.
The end of his nose and pads on his arms and legs are Wilton's natural pink.
The tops of his ears are regular pink.
As I stated in my last post, I have found Wilton fondant to work best for figurines.

These are the pieces you will need. Make them according to the size figurine you desire.

This is a top view of how I molded the large ball into a triangular mound ( that I now wish I had made a bit taller) for his body.
The elongated angle will be Eeyore's backside.
Insert a food skewer through the top to attach his head later.

For the legs I rolled a rope and cut it into 2 pieces. Pinch one end up slightly, to form his feet, and cut the other end at an angle to attach to his body.
I then rolled out a small strip of the natural pink.

Attach it to the leg by rubbing it smooth.

Attach his legs.

The arms are made the same way as the legs except do not pinch feet, leave the ends rounded for hands.

Attach to body with gum glue.

Next I rolled out a piece of  the natural pink for his chest.

For his head I elongated the ball of purple and slightly flattened the top.

Next I took a ball of the natural pink and made that slightly oval. I used a little gum glue and wrapped the pink oval along the wide bottom of the purple head. ( in hindsight, I would have made this a bit smaller ).
With your pointy fondant tool make nostril slits. You can see these better a little later in the tutorial.

Then I attached his head to his chubby little body.

With my pointy fondant tool I drew a line 1/2 way down the middle with a couple of scores across it.

For his ears I rolled out some lopsided tear drops of purple, and then some smaller lopsided tear drops of pink.

Gum glue the pink to the purple.

Attach to his head with gum glue.

We're gettin' there.
For his tail I rolled a thin rope, flattened the end, and scored the flattened end with the pointy fondant tool to look like the tip.

With some pink  I made a bow for the end by making a rectangle and pinching it in the center. Press a small fondant ball in the center and press it down to be the knot. Make indents on each side of the bow with the small ball tool  ( same one I used for Winnie's ears )  for detail.

I attached the tail to his backside with gum glue and placed a small dot of yellow fondant as the tack that holds it on.

Now it's time to give Eeyore his sweet little face.  I made the eyes out of  2 very small pieces of white fondant cut in a teardrop shape.

For eyeballs make 2 very small balls of black fondant and roll into ovals. Attach to the whites with a bit of gum glue.

Attach to his face with gum glue.

 I rolled more black fondant into a very thin rope and cut it in small pieces.
 I attached 4 to the top of his head, covering where his ears meet, with some gum glue for hair.
Attach 2 more for eyebrows and flatten slightly once applied. Here is also a better view of his nostrils also.

Wasn't too bad. If any of my instructions don't make sense please message me and I'll do my best to explain better.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

My latest request was for a Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday cake for my neighbor.  Fortunately it only had to be 25 servings and they weren't too interested in any specifics, just that it was Winnie the Pooh. I have never done a Winnie cake, and was amazed at how little info there was online as a guide for making the figurines.  I have taken it upon myself to blog how I  made mine.

I started with Pooh because I was able to find a couple Youtube video's to help with him.
Adjust the sizes to fit your needs.
For Pooh I mixed yellow fondant with a touch of brown and some gumpaste.
His shirt and tongue are red fondant and his nose , eyes and eyebrows are black fondant.
I find Wilton fondant works the best for figurines.

I started with a ball of fondant that I shaped into a pear and inserted a food skewer.

Next I rolled a strip of red out and with an Exacto knife make a straight bottom edge and angles the ends.

 I then cut a wedge for Winnie's V-neck shirt

And wrap

Legs were next.

Roll a thick rope and cut into 2 pieces. I  trimmed these to the length I wanted his legs to be.  Pinch one end up to look like his foot and with the Exacto knife trimmed the other end at an angle to attach to his body.

I used gum glue to attach his limbs.

 Now for the arms, just repeat what you did for the legs.

I rolled 2 more shorter strips of red and trimmed the bottom flat and angled the ends for sleeves.

I then wrapped the red sleeves around the arm and attached them to the body with gum glue.

Starting to look like Winnie now.

Take another round ball of the yellow for his head .


With your fingers pinch some facial contour around his snout and press a flat spot for his eyes.

With the pointy fondant tool I made an impression for his mouth.

I used a small ball of red fondant to stick a tongue on.

Next, roll 2 small balls of yellow for ears.

 Indent them with the ball tool .

With gum glue, attach to his head.

The final step,  attach head to the body by placing on the top of the skewer and add eyes, nose and mouth with black fondant.
I have no idea what happened to my pictures of these steps, my digital camera ate them, but you can see my finished Winnie in the photo.