Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Bachelorette

My friend Lauren is hosting her sister's bachelorette party.
I can't remember the last one I went to seeing as all of my friends were married decades ago.
We whooped it up though, countless dance clubs, irresponsible drinking , poor behavior. 
This bachelorette party is nothing like that. It is going to be a civilized trip to the casino to play bingo. Is that what they are doing now days?!?
Lauren asked me to make cupcakes for the party which will be given at the end of the night as favors. 
I feel I have to bring some of what I know about bachelorette parties into the theme of these cupcakes.
Bright colors, zebra print and pretty drinks!
I couldn't go too overboard so I decided to make some zebra print fondant hearts.
I thought I would share these with you because not only are they fun and funky, they are easy and can be used with so many different themes.

You will need white fondant, black fondant , a sharp blade to cut the fondant and a heart shape cutter.

First roll out your white fondant, then your black.

With your blade cut thin waves in the black fondant, then cut those in short segments.

Place the black pieces randomly all over your white fondant keeping a zebra's stripes in mind. Place them pretty close together.

Press them gently into the white fondant.

Cut your hearts out and allow them to dry.

I iced these cupcakes in bright pink and made some drinks to go with the hearts.

Back in my day we would have needed 6 of these for each guest to stuff in her face on the limo ride home in lieu of a meal. This party...each guest will receive just one.

Times sure have changed, cheers to responsible bacheloretting !