Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Change In Direction

I was once told 'never make your passion your career or you will end up hating it.'  I wouldn't say it has gone quite THAT far,  I still love designing cakes, I love creating and I love the reaction I get from my clients when I deliver a dream cake. I just don't have the time to make them anymore. How did that happen ? I will tell you the story of how I came to the beginning of the end of my cake baking.

Now that my friends are scattered all over the globe I often heard ' I wish you were closer so you could make my son/daughters cake ' . With that a light bulb went off in my mind. 'What if I shipped them the decorations and they used them to decorate a cake from their local bakery?!?'
Just as my cakes started, so did my cake / cupcake decorating business.
What began with my friends and family I am processing 60+ orders each week through my Etsy shop and sending my sugar art all over the world.
Frozen cake kits to Australia, Xbox cupcake toppers to name it, I've shipped it.

With the rapid growth of my Etsy shop I had to change direction locally.
While I still volunteer to make cakes for children / families with medical emergencies or health challenges though Icing Smiles and Cakes for Kids With Cancer, my business has turned to cupcakes.
I still crank them out hundreds at a time , but they require much less energy to bake and decorate than cakes.
I can deliver 300 cupcakes locally and ship cupcake toppers and cake kits to 10 more cities all in the same day.

I'm also excited to announce that you can now order custom cupcakes and cakes featuring my sugar art at the famous Jarets Stuffed Cupcakes with locations in Endicott NY , and the NYC / NJ Metro area.
If you are in their area check them out . I've heard they are the best cupcakes in the world, and I happen to know their cupcake and cake toppers are pretty awesome too.

Have I given up cakes forever? No!  I still make family cakes ( and I have a huge extended family ) and as I mentioned earlier I still volunteer with some non-profit organizations to provide cakes for kids with health challenges.

I miss designing the cakes but I do not miss the baking, cleanup, and time involved in creating them.  Not to mention the delivery challenges . Cupcakes are just as much fun and so much easier to transport and serve.
I love knowing on any given Saturday my sugar art is making numerous people happy at their special events in all corners of the world .
That's how you turn your passion into your career and love it! Sometimes you just need to re-direct your energy....