Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Books and Yarn

 It is time to design my favorite Aunt's 50th birthday cake. I had a lot of options in designing this, she is a very talented quilter, crochet-er, and cross stitcher , but when I think of my Aunt, the librarian, I think BOOKS! Lot's of books!
In one of my earlier posts I made a single, flat, book cake.  For this cake I decided on a stack of books, with a yarn basket on top with a crochet hook.
To make the stack of books I used the same method I used in my " Book Cake" post, only I made 3 of them instead of 1.
Stack using a lot of support as the basket cake is very heavy.

For the basket I used an oval pan and made 2 layers to give me a 4 inch tall cake.
I covered this in buttercream, and then fondant basket weave. I had never done the basket weave before but used this tutorial to get me going .
Once that was done I laid a piece of beige fondant over the top to cover the buttercream.

For the yarn balls I used Rice Krispy Treat and covered it in fondant colored the same as the fondant yarn you are using.
With my clay extruder I piped out the yarn and laid it out on some wax paper.

Cut the piped 'yarn' as shown below. Make 2 of these.

With some gum glue attach the yarn to each side of the ball.

Next pipe out longer strands of yarn. I made mine about 10 inches long . Make 2 of these.

Lay 1 of the strips of yarn at an angle over the top of the ball, and cross the 2nd strip of yarn over the first to completely cover the ball.

I use dowel support under the yarn balls before placing them on top of the basket cake.
Stack the basket bake on top of the books using as many support dowels as you can fit , this basket cake will be VERY heavy.

I made a crochet hook out of gumpaste and painted it with a mixture of vodka and gold petal dust .

...and here is the finished product.

My next tutorial will be how to make the Peonies and Hydrangeas.

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