Saturday, February 2, 2013

How I Do Vegan

Years ago , when I started decorating cakes, I had not one single request for a vegan cake. There seemed to be no special dietary needs, a cake was a cake and you ate it or you didn't.

Now, a large number of my cakes are vegan. As are a large number of friends and family members. Having followed a vegan diet in the past , I have been able to develop some very tasty recipes.
It's one thing to make a vegan cake, it's another to make one durable enough to hold up under fondant and stack. Not to mention whipping up buttercream  to the right consistency for decorating.

I decided to make this a recipe post, to share my tried and true vegan cake and icing recipes.

Most of my vegan requests are for weddings so I will focus on that . 

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I use this recipe for my White Wedding Cupcakes also.
The key is to mix one batch at a time , mix by hand but don't over mix.

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Fortunately the fondant I use :

It is gluten free, dairy free, nut free , and vegan. This saves me from having to hunt down vegan marshmallows which are amazingly difficult to find in my area.

I hope this helps if you have been tasked with a Vegan Wedding cake ( or any vegan cake ). It is durable, and holds up well under fondant.

Please be advised,there are strict Vegans who do not eat sugar, please verify this restriction with them before baking... just in case.


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