Monday, August 26, 2013

Minecraft Birthday Cake

I am now aware that the video game Minecraft has captured the hearts and minds of young people everywhere.
I had never heard of this game or played it until my friend requested a cake for his son's birthday.
The theme...Minecraft.
Again, Google saved me from complete failure.
He only needed 20 servings but wanted the WOW! factor of a two tier cake.
I decided on a 8 and a 4 inch square cake for 24 servings with nice clean lines seeing as the game is made up of pixels.
I went about making this cake the same way I did the baby in a box cake with side panels made of a 60/40 mix of gumpaste and fondant.

I made these to the height and width I planned on making the cake using a template made of computer paper. This one is from

Let them dry overnight.

Next I needed to make some pixels to pattern the brown panels.
I was making a dirt block so I needed 2 shades of brown, 2 shades of green, and 2 shades of grey.
I rolled out some fondant in each color and using the template I embossed lines , then with a ruler and Exacto knife I cut out the square pixels.

Again I used my template to lay out the pattern seeing as I have no clue how these patterns come about in the game .
I attached the little squares to the brown panels with a small dab of water.
Let these dry as long as possible.
Fortunately I had about 4 days.
For the top tier I decided to make a dynamite block or at least that's what I am calling it. Sorry Minecrafters if that isn't correct.
I made four red gumpaste / fondant panels for the sides and allowed them to dry.

Once my 8 inch cake was baked, cooled, torted, filled and iced I roughed up the buttercream and stuck the pixel-ed panels to the sides and top.

If they have any overhang trim with a sharp new Exacto knife blade.
If you have any gaps, fill them in with buttercream in a similar color.

Finally I stacked the dynamite on top. I used 1 dowel rod under this cake seeing as it was only 4 inch .
I downloaded a font similar to the Minecraft  logo from dafont to make the birthday boy's name and ' TNT ' for the top tier.
Cut these out and set aside.
I iced and covered my 4 inch cake and placed a layer of red fondant on the top.
Attach the red gumpaste/ fondant sides, wrap with a white band made of fondant and add the letters TNT.

A 10 year old's dream cake.

Very simple to make, yet very tedious.

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