Friday, October 4, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cupcakes

These guys have been around a long time and are still quite popular.
Brandon's friend Cam is turning 5 and is in his TMNT phase right now.
Cupcakes have been very popular this year so for the party his Mom and I decided on cupcakes with a small 6 inch cake to top the cupcake tower.

To make the Ninja turtle face I printed out this turtle face and made a template.

I cut it out and used clear packing tape to reinforce it.
I would need to use it at least 12 times and I didn't want the paper to get sticky or damaged.

I rolled out a mix of green fondant and gumpaste to 1/4 inch and with an Exacto knife cut out 12 turtles.

I rolled out black fondant and cut out mouths with the open end of a 1M tip. I cut each circle in 1/2 and used 1/2 circle per turtle.

Next I made the impressions for their mouth and nose before my fondant got too stiff. I used an oval cutter to make these imprints.

At the ends of the mouth imprint I used the open end of a decorating tip to add detail.

I rolled out come red fondant to finish off the mouth.
 With the open end of a smaller tip I cut circles and cut those in 1/2 and used 1/2 per turtle for a tongue.

We are gettin' there...

Next I cut the mask out of my template to use to make the turtles masks.
I had to google it but I found that I needed red, orange, blue , and purple masks to cover all of the turtles.
I rolled out fondant in each color and with my exacto knife cut out masks for each turtle.

Sorry for the vertical photo. If I could figure out how to flip it I would :(

I used my smallest Wilton leaf cutter to make the " tie" in the back.

Use the open end of a large tip to cut off the bottoms in a semi-circle.

Attach everything with a dab of water.

Sorry for the vertical photo. If I knew how to flip it I would :(

Last are the eyes.
Roll out some white fondant.
I used my Atecco rain drop mini cutter for this part.

After cutting them out I cut off each tip to a flat edge.


Startin' to look like some Ninja Turtles now...

I rolled out some black fondant and with my drinking straw cut out a bunch of circles. Two per turtle to be exact.

Have fun with these, where you position the pupils really gives the turtle some character. I chose three positions, one kind of cross eyed, one looking straight ahead and one looking to the side.


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