Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ok, Ok, Ok....

Here it goes, my first ever blog post.  I will do my best to be witty, entertaining , and unoffensive <- as a NewYorker, turned Detroiter, turned back into a New Yorker that will be the greatest challenge.
Let it be known, I am in no way a world class baker, designer, writer, or anything else really, I just love to design and create ( and eat) fun cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and desserts.
  It wasn't always this way, I have friends who often remind me of a strawberry cake with lime green kiwi frosting I made ( 15 YEARS AGO!!) It was pretty toxic looking and tasting and no doubt my first cake-tastrophe, but of course true friends never forget...or let you forget either. I have moved on from that and now I create yummy cakes and sweets  that people remember for the right reasons. Years ago I started a home bake shoppe ' Peace , Love, & Cake' in Detroit and I was pumping out a cake a week at best and giving them away. I have people asking for my recipes, and to shadow me to learn my techniques. I am flattered and seeing as I don't hold any patents, trademarks , or copyrights, willing to share everything I know for free. Take what you can use and what you can't just leave on the table. 

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