Monday, October 31, 2011

Petal Cake

Happy Halloween!
This year I decided to make a simple petal cake for our Halloween celebration. Right now petal cakes are one of my most requested. I don't know who to give credit to for developing this technique but it's GREAT! It's easy, forgiving, fast , and has a great look! I already made my Reeses Pieces Blondies for the kids, so the cake is for the adults. I decided on my Tiramisu cake. Normally I make a vanilla sponge cake for this , but I felt like almond so I made a White Almond Sour Cream cake.
While that is baking I whip up a batch of Mascarpone Filling.

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I then torted my cake into 3 layers and loaded some VERY strong coffee into my spray bottle. I spray the bottom layer with a light coat of coffee, not enough to saturate, just enough for flavor. Then I make my buttercream dam, and stack on the next layer, repeat with the coffee, dam, and top layer.

Next I put a thin crumb coat on my cake. Just enough buttercream to smooth it and give it a thin layer.

Now it's time for the petals. I use Wilton tip 12, but any large round, open tip will work. I fill my bag with icing and pipe a vertical line of dots down the side of my cake. 
I begin at what I want to be the back of the cake because when you get to the end, I have found it tricky to blend the petals perfectly.

I take my small angled spatula and put it on the center of my dots and pull to the side. Then I repeat, pipe the dots over the "pulled" frosting and pull those over, and over, and over.

Once you wrap the petals completely around the cake, move to the top. I make mine in a circular pattern. By this time I'm in the zone and piping with my left and wiping with my right .
Great technique, easy, beautiful...tedious!

Once it is all done you will have a beautiful cake that looks something like this :

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