Saturday, April 20, 2013

Camouflage Fondant

I live in New York.
People outside of New York assume I live in New York City.
People in New York City assume I live in New York City. They consider Westchester County to be Upstate and where I live in New York might as well be Canada.
Even though I live in a city I am surrounded by farm country.
I live near towns where your closest neighbor may be a mile away.
I live in the part of New York where both the women and men are avid hunters.
It's not unusual for me to get a request for a camouflage cake, it's quite popular here in Central New York actually.
What is unusual is getting a request for a camouflage, zebra, deer hunting cake...for a girl.
Fortunately I was given a photo of a cake to use for inspiration. I had no idea what to create for this. I am a city dweller, have never hunted, don't know a thing about camouflage and live where my neighbors are so close I can hear them snore.

I started by making the bottom tier in a zebra print with a big pink bow.
I have a tutorial earlier on my blog showing how I do zebra print.
The top tier I did in a pink camouflage.
When I make camouflage I take chunks of fondant in the colors I plan to use and flatten them a little by hand into camouflage shapes.
Don't go too crazy with this because when you roll it and it can distort considerably depending on the thickness of your fondant chunks.

I lay the chunks in a random pattern on my mat.

I place the top mat on and roll it all out until the pieces are seamed together.

Then I lay it on the cake and smooth it just as I do plain fondant.

This is what you get for a girl who loves zebra print and hunting deer.

Welcome to Central New York!

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