Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The World's Coolest Cake

A month ago I got word of an international cake contest.
My first thought was that my cakes  are not contest winning material, but then I mentioned the contest to Brandon ( my better half ) and he told me to go for it.
I figured it's free, I have nothing to lose, why not?!
I love the site that was hosting the contest ' Coolest Birthday Cakes' .
 I have even used the site to help come up with ideas from time to time.
I submitted 4 of my cakes along with tutorials, not expecting to win.
Last night I received an cake was a winner!
They had 750+ submissions and my Baby In a Box cake was one of the winning 6.
I was excited beyond words.
This morning the official announcement was made, and I was STUNNED!
Not only was my cake selected as one of the 6 winners, I won the Grand Prize in the Professional category.
My Baby In a Box is the Coolest Birthday Cake !!!

Check out all the great cakes on the site and all of the other wonderful winning cakes.
Congratulations to all who placed!

Speaking of contests, don't forget to enter to win a Free Craftsy Class ( $30.00 value ) that I am giving away at the end of the month.
Just leave a comment on the contest blog post and you could win.
No catch, no hassle, no gimmicks... just a give away to celebrate being accepted as a Craftsy affiliate and to introduce everyone ,who hasn't already introduced themselves, to Craftsy.


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