Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey Cupcake!

I love donating my work because #1 it helps out a good cause and #2 I get to try out new recipes and flavor combos. When I donate people are gracious enough not to ask for specific flavors etc. ( usually).

This time I tried a new vanilla cupcake, a new chocolate cupcake, and a new red velvet cupcake. All of them are from Your Cup Of Cake.
I chose these recipes because when donating I try to keep my costs down and using a mix helps. Most of the recipes on her blog use a box mix as a base which makes the cupcakes, fast , easy and inexpensive. She mixes in just enough extras to take away the chemical taste also.

I used my heat safe buttercream and my chocolate buttercream for these cupcakes, along with a Cream Cheese icing recipe I found on the Texas Cottage Food Law's page. Any recipe that is approved for Texas heat and remains food safe is sure to work here in the northeast.

Here are the recipes, the only thing I changed was the amount of cinnamon in the chocolate cupcakes.

For my vanilla I used :
save and print jpeg
save and print jpeg

For the chocolate I used :

save and print jpeg
save and print jpeg

Finally the Red Velvet

save and print jpeg
save and print jpeg

There ya have it, recipe overload ( and 3 weeks worth of Test Kitchen Tuesday;) .
These all came out great!
To make them a little extra special I made some gumpaste discs.  Let those dry and then with a rubber stamp from Michaels and some Wilton food color gels (mixed with just a drop of Vodka ) , I stamped little hands on the discs to fit the theme of Hands for Honduras ( the name of the mission that is fundraising )  and the design on their T-shirts.

Stamping on dried fondant/ gumpaste discs is a great way to decorate cupcakes in a hurry.

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