Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Minute Wedding Cake Tutorial

It's Tuesday evening, I get a call from a very good friend.
" Hey, I need a HUGE favor and you are the only one who can help".
 I grabbed my super hero cape and said " of course, what do you need?"
"A wedding cake for Saturday".
This is not the shortest notice I have ever been given, but it's still pretty short.
It's a small wedding he is hosting in the back yard of his home. Very quaint and personal. He didn't want the bride & groom to have to go to Walmart for a cake ( as they were planning to ) and just wanted something small and pretty.

The bride wants red roses on it, that was my only instruction, the rest is creative freedom which I love.
Seeing as it's an outdoor spring wedding I decided to go with a soft, natural,  shabby chic look.

The cake is made of  9, 7 and 5 inch tiers.
First I leveled my cakes and filled with a non-dairy buttercream recipe that I use for outdoor events where heat may be an issue.
It's an easy recipe.

Print & Save jpeg
If you have never tried Creme Bouquet it's also know as " wedding cake flavor " . I purchase mine here. CK Products.

I let them settle over night to prevent " the bulge".
Once they settled I pulled out my little cake level to make sure they were perfect.

Then I iced them in the heat safe butter cream.

 I decided to ruffle this cake. I know I have done a similar tutorial before but this time I didn't use any fancy cutters, just a ruler and a pizza cutter to make the strips.
I rolled out some white fondant very thin.
I used the width of my ruler as a guide for each strip.

Ruffle the top edge of each strip with a ball tool.

Wet the backside of the strip with some water and wrap around the cake.
Starting at the top and working down to the bottom with each strip.

Repeat, repeat, repeat...
Stack next tier ( remember your supports ) and do it all over again.

...and again.
This is what you will have when you are done wrapping the cake.

I used decorative pearl strands I found in the wedding section of A.C. Moore for borders on each tier.

I was not going to have time to make the red roses out of gum paste and have them dry in time so I used silk roses mixed with buds for a more natural look.
I trimmed the stems and inserted in flower spikes. ~ Remember , NEVER insert wires directly into cakes.

And here it is...a quick last minute wedding cake.

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