Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't Fear the Edible Image

I had never used an edible image until earlier this year.
I was booked for a camouflage wedding cake and this is the picture I was given as inspiration.

It's not the first time I had seen this cake and I have done camouflage before so I agreed to do it.
A few months later I get a message that they no longer want that style of camouflage, they want the winter camouflage.
I do not hunt ... the outdoors to me is the trip I take from my car to the mall entrance, so I had to google it.
This is what I needed to get on the side of a cake.

No way was I going to be able to get that look with fondant. My only option was an edible image. ( If you are looking to make this cake and you do not have access to an edible image printer please contact me and I can add as many sheets as you need of this design to my Etsy store. )
I had purchased an edible image printer , a Cannon iP3600 from Inky Cake, and I LOVE it!

I hear a lot of cakers complaining about the quality of their printer, but mine is great.
I had never used icing sheets and had read horror stories of trying to get them off the backing sheet.
I purchased some Lucks Icing Sheets to print my images on.
These were also great, I literally just peeled them from the backing. No freezing, no rolling on the corner of the counter to get them loose.
They were so easy I was beginning to think I was doing it wrong.

I trimmed them to the height of my cake, wrapped them around my buttercream covered layers and smoothed them on gently with my fondant smoother.
They worked perfect!

Anyone interested in using edible images be aware there are 2 types of paper.
One type is rice paper or wafer paper. I don't care for it as it melts easily and the image quality is not as good as it is on an icing sheet.
The second type is an icing sheet or frosting sheet that will produce a high quality image that will 'somewhat' dissolve into your buttercream.
I highly recommend Lucks icing sheets with the Cannon Pixma printer and edible ink from Inky Cake.

I am hooked on icing sheets and edible images now that I have given them a try.
I made the Avengers cake using them and also the open book cake in my previous tutorial.
They are great when you are short on time or you need a very detailed graphic that would be nearly impossible to reproduce with fondant.

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