Friday, September 13, 2013

Calling All Superheros !

Last year my son was head over heels for dinosaurs. Those have all been packed away and he is now convinced he is a superhero.
His superpower...he can stop the rain.
The last three times we have been in the car when it started raining here. 
Fortunately we were driving out of the rain every time so now he is convinced that he is Rainman and by singing  the " rain, rain go away " song , over and over he can make the rain stop.
Ahh to be 4 again.
Needless to say this years birthday party theme was Superhero's.
Last year was his first real party with his friends so I went to an extreme, hand cutting and stamping the invitations, painting the goodie bags, cake, cake pops, chocolates, etc...
This year I ordered the bags, ordered the invitations, ordered the pizza, ordered the capes and went with just a small cake and cupcakes.

I know how much Little B loves the goodie bags he gets at parties so it's important that I load his up with some good stuff.

My first idea was capes and masks for the little superhero's to go on an adventure with.
I found the masks at Target and the capes I had Brandon print with just lightning bolts and stars. These can now be found on Etsy.

Superhero's can't fight the bad guys without any ammo, so I loaded a can of silly string in each bag. ( we are a no gun, sword, knife kinda home )
I found some bubbles , glow sticks, and superhero coloring kits at Michaels crafts on one of my many cake supply runs.

The goodie bags I found online at  Birthday Express, where I also found some great superhero photo frames.

These frames gave me the great idea of doing a photo booth.
   Birthday Express also offer a cardboard stand up building scape that we used to create the scene.

With our digital camera and photo printer we took a photo and put it in the super cool , super hero frame for each of the kids to take home.

Time for the cake, I wish I could say I designed this with my own creative mind for my son and filled it with love but I didn't .
Truth is, he saw it on a website I was scanning through looking for party ideas and said " I want that cake" period.
The little man has spoken.
I had planned on just making cupcakes, but he insisted on a cake too so I decided to make a small 8/ 6 inch cake.
I didn't take photos of each step. This was actually a very easy cake to make.
The bottom 8 inch tier was iced in blue fondant. I made a template out of computer paper for the red fondant piece.
I used a clay extruder to make the " webs" and the spider is a toy I found at the dollar store. I inserted a toothpick in the cake and hung the spider off that.
The top 6 inch tier was iced in yellow fondant.
 I googled " wolverine mask template" and chose this one.
I printed it out, rolled out my black fondant to about 1/4 inch thick and cut out the mask.
I let that dry a bit before applying it to the cake with a light brushing of water.
The eyes were made of white fondant, rolled out and cut with an oval cutter. I then cut the tops of the oval off at an angle and piped a black fondant " eyelid above it.
Next I rolled out some flesh colored fondant to 1/4 inch thick and used my mask template again to cut out a piece to fill in the bottom of the mask for his face.
His mouth and teeth I did free hand.

These are the cupcakes that I had originally planned on being all that I was going to make.
These were such a hit I have added the toppers to my Etsy store.

Whew, another successful birthday party.
Time to start planning the next one.

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