Friday, September 20, 2013

The Flavors of Fall

When is fall?
It's when Starbucks rolls out their pumpkin spice latte, forget what the calendar says.
Lately I have been asked to make a lot of cupcakes and I have to admit...I LOVE IT!

I was invited to a house warming / birthday party that I needed to bring a dish to pass. 
I volunteered to bring cupcakes.

I was inspired by my pumpkin spice latte to test out some fall flavors I had found.
Both come from the Your Cup of Cake blog.
So far I have had no disappointments with her recipes so I checked her blog first for some fall cupcake flavors.
I found a Caramel Apple Cupcake and a Pumpkin Rose Cupcake recipe.

If you would like to try the recipe as written please click on the links.
I made some changes to the icing, other than that I followed the recipes as written.

For the apple spice cupcakes I opened my can of apple pie filling and stuck my sharp knife in and chopped the apples up right in the can.

Pour all the ingredients into a bowl.

Mix until smooth

Fill cupcake wrappers, I use my 1/4 cup measure to fill my cupcake wrappers.

I double up my cupcakes pans to prevent bottoms from burning so I have to bake a bit longer than the original recipe recommends.
I baked mine for 19 minutes.
These cupcakes are a more dense cupcake, almost muffin like, but delicious!

save & print jpeg

I iced these with the cream cheese butter cream and left off the caramel topping ( only because I forgot to buy a jar at the store).

save & print jpeg

The vanilla spice cupcake recipe that is the base of the pumpkin rose cupcakes was fantastic as well.

Full of fall flavor and much less dense than the apple cupcakes.
I iced these with the same cream cheese icing I used on the apple cupcakes.
I will try the pumpkin icing next time, it looks good but I was short on time and just made one large batch of icing.

The new fall flavors were a hit, they will be in my recipe box.

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