Saturday, March 9, 2013

Covering a Cake with Fondant

I used to be scared of fondant.
I avoided it.
I don't care for it, so I never bothered to learn how to do it.
Finally, it became so popular there was no way to avoid it. I signed up for Wilton Course 3.
When I started covering cakes in fondant I used the Wilton mat, I thought it was great.
I still did not like fondant though, all the kneading and rolling was exhausting.
Then I found The Mat from Sweetwise.
It changed the way I looked at fondant forever. Now I cover almost every cake in fondant.
The fondant falls off The Mat and onto the cake effortlessly.
I use Satin Ice fondant for the best results and I roll my fondant to the thickness of a cake board.

This video shows how easy The Mat is to use and how quickly you can cover a cake with fondant.
First I iced and smoothed my cake using the Viva method .

Now for our show...

Continue smoothing with a fondant smoother and/or your hands going around the cake until you reach the bottom.

Any questions please message me. I will be happy to help!

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