Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Test Kitchen Tuesday ~ Week 7

Last night was one of numerous kitchen blunders.
Even though it was snowing outside I was ready for some summer food. 
Strawberry shortcake on biscuits with real homemade whipped cream to be exact.
Which part of that spells trouble?!? Whipped Cream.
I pour the cream in the bowl, get out the hand mixer, and whip, and whip, and whip.
3 minutes goes by and barely even a soft peak. I keep whipping, 2 more minutes, no change.
What the heck is wrong with this cream? I grab the carton, half and half. I had grabbed the wrong carton from the fridge and spent 5 minutes beating half and half expecting to have whipped cream.
So, now what am I going to do with a cup and a half of half and half that has been beaten and thickened, slightly?
I have heard of a heavy cream cake, and heavy cream pound cakes so I decided to search for a recipe to modify with my half and half. 
I found a simple recipe on Kirbie's Cravings Blog for Whipped Cream Cake.
Please keep in mind, I did have to modify this recipe to use up my half and half so you may end up with different results with Kirbie's recipe. I also used almond extract instead of a full 1 tsp of vanilla.

Here is my recipe.

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Survey Says:

When life gives you half and half, make cake!
This had great flavor. It is not an overly sweet cake.
Brandon compared it to a cornbread and I have to agree. It has a cornbread feel without the corn flavor.
We are going to use it for a mixed berry shortcake.
I also had a slice with my coffee this morning and it's light ( not dense like a pound cake ) and flavorful.
It's not a cake I would just eat a slice of plain, but a great accompaniment for coffee or fruit .
I like the fact it doesn't have all the butter and oils in it most cakes do.
It didn't rise too much , it looks more like a coffee cake, but that may be because I used a large pan.

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