Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Bunny Cupcake Toppers

I'm pretty festive and couldn't just stop with some chick cupcake toppers so...
Here comes Peter Cottontail to join the chicks.
I've made him coming and going in this tutorial.

You will need:
gumpaste, pink, white, black and yellow fondant.
A 2 inch biscuit cutter, small oval cutter, a small round cutter, a small square cutter,  the Wilton small flower cutter, 2 sizes of paisley cutters, a drinking straw,  a cocktail straw, and an Exacto knife.
If you don't have the paisley cutters you can just draw on a piece of paper and use that as a template.

Working backwards we will do the cute little cotton tail first.

Mix the white fondant with some gumpaste.

Roll the fondant / gumpaste mixture to 1/4 inch thick.

Cut out the 2 inch rounds and a small flower for each topper.

I used my exacto knife to score up the circle which will be the tail.

Attach to the 2 inch topper with some water or gum glue.

Roll out some white and some pink fondant to 1/4 inch thickness.

Cut 2 small ovals per topper.

With the cocktail straw cut out 4 circles per bunny foot. ( the small oval )

Attach those to the ovals for toes.

Attach the bunny feet to the topper.


Next is the Easter Bunny's face. A few more steps but still very easy.

Roll out the white gumpaste / fondant mix to 1/4 inch thick.

Cut out the 2 inch round topper.
Cut out a paisley piece per topper.
Flip over the cutter or template and cut out another paisley piece per topper.
With the drinking straw cut out 2 circles per topper.
With the small square cutter cut 1 square per topper.
With the smallest round cutter ( I use a 1/2 inch cutter ) cut 2 circles per topper.

Place all of these in a ziploc or keep them covered with Saran wrap while you work so they don't dry out.

Roll out some pink fondant and with the smaller of the paisley cutters do the same as you did with the larger. ~ 1 per topper, flip it over, 1 more per topper.
Cut out 1 circle of pink per topper with the drinking straw for a nose.

Attach the pink to the white paisley piece using some water.

Attach those to the 2 inch topper.

Cut the tops of the small squares to a point, and a vertical slit in the bottom for teeth.

Attach to topper.

With my Exacto knife I scored up the small circles to give some texture to the bunny cheeks.

Attach those to the topper above the teeth.

Attach the nose.

Attach 2 of the white rounds that were made with the drinking straw for eyes.

Roll out a small amount of black fondant.
Cut circles with the cocktail straw

Attach as pupils.

Finally , roll out some yellow and cut 1 flower per topper with the small flower cutter.
I placed a candy sprinkle in the center of each one.

Attach to the topper to cover where the bunny ears meet.

Now you have some fun Easter Bunny toppers to go with the chicks!

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